Cocktail Recipes

Looking for the perfect drink to serve next time friends visit? Choose one of these must-drink craft cocktail recipes - All inspired by our very own. We guarantee great results and you’ll look like a master mixologist.

Spirits and Wines



Watermelon Mojito
Spiced Island Punch
Summer Ends
Baroda Mule
Spring-Thyme Fizz
Elderflower Pear Fizz
Blackberry Sage Margarita
Margarita Negra
Southern Sipper
Love The Wine You're With
Agave Lime Spritz
Tabor Sour
Honey Bee Mimosa
Buddy's Boozy Cocoa
Walnut Butter Beer Apéritif
Candy Cane Lane Martini
White Christmas Margarita
Toasted Cranberry Mimosa
White Cranberry Mimosa
Apple Cider Martini
Cranberry Cinnamon & Rosemary Mule
Salty Witch
Espresso Martini
Blueberry Basil Spritz
Raspberry Orange Margarita
Mixed Berry Spritz
They All Float Down Here
Chocolate Toffee Crunch
Cherry Rosé Spritzer
The Leprechaun Shake
Passion Fruit Pineapple Margarita
Spiced Pear Spritzer
Cherry Be Mine
Red Rum
Strawberry Cream Martini
Gingerbread Cream
Cherry & Bright
Cherryscato Mule
Cranberry Lime Mojito
Bourbon Apple Cider
Salted Cold Brew
Nutty Pumpkin
Autumn Harvest White Sangria
Honey Plum Bourbon
Southern Peach Tea​
Cucumber Melon Gin Fizz​
Desert Pear Margarita​
Cranberry Mule
Cherry Limeade
Cranberry Cosmo
Blueberry Mint Julep
Blueberry Lime Mojito
Pineapple Mojito
Vanilla Cherry Rum & Cola
Concord Punch
Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet
Michigan Mule
Nutty Russian
Adult Root Beer Float