Blueberry Lime Mojito

Nothing screams summer like a refreshing Blueberry Lime Mojito. Made with Michigan’s Round Barn’s Farm Market™ Blueberry wine, sweet blueberries, tangy lime, and refreshing mint, this drink cools you down after a long day with the first sip!


1½ oz. Round Barn Red Sky Rum
½ oz. lime juice
2 oz. Round Barn Farm Market Blueberry
½ oz. simple syrup
5-6 blueberries
2-3 mint leaves
2 lime wedges
Splash of lemon-lime soda


1. In a shaker, muddle lime wedges, mint leaves, blueberries, with simple syrup and lime juice.

2. Add ice, rum, and blueberry wine.

3. Shake and pour into a tall collins glass.

4. Top off with sprite and or soda water.